My second week!

Monday: On Monday I was in the Butterflies classroom which contains children from ages 2-3. I met some new friends named : Adriel, Steele, Chace, Harper M, Harper C, Emma, Jacob and King. I was able to celebrate King’s birthday with him and it was super fun! By far the best part of today was when I saw my buddy Silas. We ran to each other on the playground and gave each other a huge hug. This moment was very reassuring because it shows that he remembers me and that I am making a difference in his life which makes me very happy.

Adriel (far left), Chace (standing up), Emma (far right), Jacob (behind Emma)

Tuesday: Today I was in the Bumblebee classroom which also is for children who are 2-3 years old. I met Drake, Remi, Cooper, Kaylee, Jacob, Beulah, Nell, Za’ariyah and Kaceon. I was able to work with another volunteer, Vanessa. She is the same age as me so having this opportunity was very refreshing.

Wednesday: Today I was in the Fernando Frogs classroom which is for pre-schoolers. The new friends I met are named Jayce, Maddie, Kenn’drick, Zayden, Kaden, Amarson, Emery and Kamari. I learned how to laminate things today and I find it very fun. The 50th anniversary of the book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” is tomorrow and the kids are rehearsing for a play where Miss Tennessee will read the story. We were rehearsing all day and the play will be amazing! During outside time I played basketball and learned that these kids are actually really good at sports.

Thursday: I was with the pre-schoolers of the Fannie Frogs classroom. I met Jo’hanna, Ma’siah, Eli, Paisley, Annie, June, Trae, Larenzo and Ta’ Teyonna. We rehearsed more for the play this afternoon. Vanessa and I assembled some new toys for the kids to play with outside. I was able to get to know Jayce better today and he is the sweetest kid ever. We had some really fun conversations :).

Jo’hanna, Jayce and I

Friday: SCHOOL AGE TODAY!! Some new friends I met are named Gary, Johanna, Kadence, Chris, Jodee, Jeremiah, Levi, Zachary, Rowan, Rohan, Sam, Jayla, Syntel, Clea and Cleo. The school age kids are awarded the oppportunity to take swimming lessons during the day at the YMCA. They alternate groups and these groups go swimming on different days every week. I think this is an amazing opportunity for these kids because swimming lessons are super important and they can learn for free. At the end of the day, Gary gave me this toy he had been playing with and it made my heart so happy !!!

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