Typical Day at Fannie Battle

Everyday at Fannie Battle I am doing something different. There is not really a set daily schedule which I actually enjoy. When I walk in at 8:00 am, I never know what I will be doing until 4:00 pm when I leave. This being said, most days I go into a classroom until lunch and after lunch I go back into that classroom until it is time to leave. On other days I may be running the book store or helping my supervisor with some of her duties, while still having plenty of time to play with the kids. With all of this in mind, I have really enjoyed my time at Fannie Battle so far. I have met so many new friends and the only sad thing is knowing that I will not be able to stay with these kids as they grow older. These are some of the sweetest kids and they have so much potential and I wish I could stay with them forever. Knowing this, I realize I must take advantage of this wonderful experience and have the biggest impact on their lives while I can.

I truly love Fannie Battle. From the kids to the amazing staff, this place is truly magical. I love the weekends but I cannot wait for Mondays!!

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