Week 5: An eventful week

This week was definitely not normal to say the least. It was full of surprises and new adventures that I am so glad I was apart of.

Monday was pretty normal. I went back to one of my favorite classrooms, Sunbeams, to see Silas, Julius, Aiden, Wells, Casey, Maddie, etc. These are by far my favorite little kids and I am so glad that they remembered me from when I first saw them. Whether it was Aiden constantly calling me momma or Silas always wanting me to hold him, this day was super fun and refreshing.

On Tuesday I accompanied the school agers on a field trip to Circus World in Hendersonville. Here, we had the opportunity of choosing to roller skate, bowl, laser tag, bumper cars and much more. Fun story:: I am terrified of skating but I did it anyways and was astonished to see that the majority of the kids could skate and it was quite embarrassing– but I did not fall!

Micah and I skating
(Tip: If you want a good quality picture, don’t let a 9 year old take it)

On Wednesday I had the honor of accompanying my supervisor, Mrs. Melissa, to an agency fair led by Blue Cross Blue Shield with a few other nonprofits in Nashville including Safe Haven, Operation Stand Down, Senior Ride, United Way and more. This was a really cool experience because I got to see a major part of Mrs. Melissa’s job and we had the opportunity to tell different people about FBDH and discuss volunteer opportunities with them. Since I share some of the same responsibilities as a volunteer at FBDH, I could really connect with these people and tell them what I do everyday in hopes of encouraging them to volunteer as well. I also got to learn more about other non profits in the area that I did not know about before.

Thursday was a normal day in school age!

On Friday I ran the Summer Reading Book store again which is always a delight because I can reward children for reading which encourages them to read more. After this I went to school age until around 1:00 pm. At this time I went with Mrs. Melissa and Mrs. Stacie to a hotel in Cool Springs where we picked up 500 snack packs made for FBDH and other nonprofits by the Hansen Group. Seeing all of this food packaged especially for FBDH was super cool. The Hansen Group has made such a large impact on FBDH and the other non profits by doing this big deed. Seeing that this simple idea has such a big impact gives me hope that I can change other peoples lives by doing something similar. When we returned, I went back to school age to see the kids make bouncy balls that resemble planets with a science guy. This was really interesting and quite simple and the kids loved it!

Kids making bouncy balls
Bouncy ball (almost finished)

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